Smug Migrant Refuses To Stand In Court – Gets SMACKED DOWN By Judge

An entitled Muslim migrant who is married to a terrorist recently mouthed off to a judge in a Western court, but it didn’t end well for her.

Mad World News reported that Moutia Elzahed first made headlines last year when her husband, Hamid Alqudsi, was convicted of terrorism in Australia for recruiting fellow Muslims to join the Islamic State. Elzahed, who is one of the terrorist’s two wives, immediately leapt to his defense and began causing trouble for authorities.

She first filed a major lawsuit against the police officers who arrested her and her son, accusing them of “assault and battery, wrongful arrest, false imprisonment, and intimidation.” Thankfully, this ridiculous case was thrown out of court when Elzahed refused to give her testimony without her full-face veil, despite being offered a private meeting with the female judge.

Making matters worse, when Elzahed was finally brought before Judge Audrey Balla of the NSW District Court, she refused to stand, citing her devout religious belief that she “only stands for Allah.” Unfortunately for Elzahed, the judge wasn’t having any of her nonsense.

Elzahed reportedly immediately stood to honor Magistrate Carolyn Huntsman at Sydney’s Downing Centre Local Court on February 19 after she was charged with 9 counts of “disrespectful behavior in court.” Balla had warned Elzahed that she would be charged for her uncooperative and inappropriate behavior, a charge which also included a $1,100 fine or 2-week stay in a jail cell every time she refused to stand. In the end, this promise paid off as Elzahed rose for Magistrate Huntsman without hesitation.

Unsurprisingly, Elzahed’s defense attorney, David Hume, argued that court was wrong to require Muslims to rise for judges, seemingly suggesting that they should be granted special privilege which exempts them from such rules.

“When the executive starts coming along and deciding when and how behaviour in the courtroom should be regarded, that presents a grave risk of conflict between two different branches of government,” he said.

This argument is not going to fly, however, as Western courtrooms have long required those physically capable of doing so to rise for the judge out of respect for such authority.

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